Hi my name is Laura, I am the creator of Charles and Faye, I have worked in the floristry industry since starting floristry college when I was 16. I always knew that I wanted to work with flowers, I really love the creativity it offers and the fact that I can express myself through my work. Getting to work with the endless varieties of flowers everyday and to create something special and unique for each couples big day is such a special feeling.
Wedding flowers are where my passion lies so I would like to share some useful tips with you on where to start when ordering your wedding flowers.

Where to start….

So you have got your date, booked your venue, chosen your bridal party and have picked your colour theme. It’s time to think flowers, but where do you start.?!

When it comes to booking your wedding flowers, always try and do some research on the type of flowers you like and what style best suits your theme (But don’t worry you don’t need to know all the flower names.. I can help you with that). This just gives me a starting point to guide and help you choose the best florals for your big day!

Always keep in mind your venue when choosing the flower style/theme you would like. If your venue has high ceilings it’s best to go for tall arrangements, or if you are opting for an outdoors wedding it would better suit a more loose relaxed style with lots of foliage’s and wild flowers.

When picking flower varieties I will be able to advise you on which flowers will be in season to get the best from your budget. Picking flowers in season means you will get the best quality flowers at the best price. Picking flowers out of season will always be more pricey, or they might not even be available at all.
A favourite with all brides is the Peony, but with being in their peak season for such a short period of time, May through to June, they are not always an option.
But If you find you love a flower that is out of season, don’t panic, there are now so many varieties of flowers that there will always be a lovely alternative to go for.

With all this in mind I will go through the best options for you and your venue, after all weddings are my speciality.. let me help you arrange the perfect florals for your big day.

Charles & Faye x