Picking your wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the biggest parts of your wedding planning (and the most important in our eyes.) Every bride wants to feel incredible and to wear a dress that emphasizes their beauty – and it can be a lot of pressure to try and find ‘the one’

Gone are the days when you would pop into a few of your local shops, try and on a few dresses and pick the best one.  Now, with social media at our fingertips and Pinterest opening up a whole new world of inspiration, the choice and possibilities are endless.  The process can now feel daunting, and overwhelming and for some brides it becomes the part they dread the most! 

Having been a bride myself relatively recently (November 2017) I understand how hard it can be to ‘say yes to the dress’ but honestly it doesn’t have to be.  It can be the most fun, exciting and actually empowering for a bride to find a dress that personifies them, and their dream wedding day.

Having spent the last 3 years looking after hundred if brides, I have listed out my top tips for wedding dress shopping, and the first one is to…..

  1. Have fun!  Buying a wedding dress is potentially something you have dreamed about since you were a little girl, and something that we only plan to do once, therefore try and enjoy it, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find the dress in the first shop – but equally don’t be afraid to pick a dress that you love even if it was the first dress you ever tried on.
  2.  As we are surrounded by so much choice these days, before you book your first appointment I would suggest that you do the following:
    1. Research/ ‘wedspiration’ – set yourself up a Pinterest board and get pinning away.  Ensure you think about the style, venue and season of your wedding – all these can impact on the type of dress you are looking for. 
    1. Take some time to think about what you would like to spend on your dress, you may have a strict budget or still not know what to spend, but it is good to have a idea of what you are looking at so that you can ensure you select the right shops for you.  This can change over time once you have started to try on some dresses, but it is always good to have a starting point.
    1. Take a look a websites and reviews of boutiques, get a feel for the shops offering in terms of designers and also additional services such as fittings etc.  you may be spending a lot of time at the shop and you will be putting a lot of trust in them to help you through this journey, so its important to feel comfortable.
  3. Once you have narrowed down the boutiques you would like to visit, then you can start planning your visits.  In our experience, we would say book no more than 3 dress fittings in a day, we understand that time is precious but even 3 different shops in one day is quite a lot.  That could mean you are trying on around 30-40 dresses within a short space of time.  You will feel overwhelmed and confused – No way to finish a day of shopping.
  4. Please think carefully about the guests you take with you.  As it is a very exciting time it is great to think you need to invite family members, friends and all bridesmaids as they would all love to be involved but honestly the larger the group the more of a hindrance.  Ask people to come with you that,  firstly understand ‘your’ style and what you are trying to achieve from your wedding look. Bring those who will be honest with you but wont just say no to everything because they don’t like it!  Bring someone you trust, someone who ultimately will have your best interests at heart.  We suggest no more than 3 guests as more than that can be too many opinions!  There is no reason why once you have narrowed your choice, or even chosen your dress,  you cannot then invite the rest of your ‘tribe’ to those fittings.
  5. Lastly, have an open mind.  When you first try on dresses although you have a style in mind, be open to trying on at least one dress that isn’t want you thought you wanted.  You just never know what you might think!

If you would like to hear more, or come to visit our boutique for personal and expert service then please visit our website HERE to get in touch.