I met Sister Sax whilst shooting a Wedding at Gosfield Hall in Essex last September. She was welcoming from the moment we started chatting and a truly lovely person. Kay is so talented and brings a modern edge to Wedding music. During the day she can play your ceremony, canapes and reception music but by night rocks your party with dance floor Sax and awesome DJ sets! I hope you enjoy her Q&A blog below and I hope it answers some of your questions!

Check out Kay’s Website here.

Q: When did you start playing?? And why the pink hair?!

A: I began singing professionally 25 years ago and saxin almost 8. The hair?! Well I tried blue and it didn’t really suit me.

Q: How much notice do I need to give to book a Sister Sax wedding?

A: It depends if I’m available! I’m booking in weddings up to 2021 at the moment.

Q: What’s your all time favourite piece of music to play on sax

A: OMG that’s hard… I would have to say anything Jazzy. I love Jazz and Swing so they would be my favourite things to play.

Q: What’s you go-to tune to get guests on the dancefloor

A: All time fave TUNE has to be JUBEL to get everyone dancing.

Q: What’s the top 3 venues you’ve played at and why?

A: 1: Pubs – Because I started in them, and I love the stress free style, laid back gigs; and I get to sing a lot (which I don’t much at weddings as the saxophone is most popular at weddings right now)
2: Ministry of Sound – just because! Legendary venue!
3: I love playing out there (and enjoying the holidays around work!)

Q: What’s your absolute favourite Ibiza sax tune… and what’s the worst song you’ve played sax to at a wedding

A: Love Story Vs Finally – Layo and Bushwacka Worst?! Lol … It’s got to be Let it Go from Frozen as an Aisle song.