Hey guys, Im Jo Saville, I’ve been a makeup artist for 12 years now (don’t ask me where that time has gone). I am so lucky that I get to team up with Zoe C Photography for some of the most beautiful weddings, she is a dream to work with and insanely talented! Zoe has asked me to share a couple of pearls of makeup wisdom with you to help you decide on your look for your wedding makeup, so here goes….

When you think about your wedding makeup you need to consider whether you want it to be part of the theme and style of your wedding, or based around you. The latter is the one that I tend to sway people towards. It’s so important that you feel incredible on your day and how comfortable you are in your makeup is a huge part of this. Some of my brides ask “Shall I go for  something completely different for my wedding?” this can be the right choice for some, however for most people, something different isn’t really you and you don’t feel as confident with a new look. In my mind, the key to feeling and looking incredible on your wedding day is to be you, just the most polished version!

If you want to tie your makeup into your theme, Have a good think if the theme chosen really reflects you and a style that you’re comfortable with. Are you the boho bride, a more relaxed beach babe, the elegant chic, 1920s flapper or Hollywood Glam- does this match your wedding theme? Whatever your theme and style, just make sure when you look in the mirror you feel excited with the way you look.

Here are some key tips to think about whilst planning your wedding makeup.

  • Moodboard of inspiration: I suggest my clients have a browse at makeup images they like before their trial. I then work with my brides ideas and pull inspiration from  the moodboard to create an incredible look that works perfectly for their facial structure, skin type and colouring. Having a visual image to show your make-up artist can really help to make sure you are all on the same page.
  • Makeup Artist: Book a makeup artist who you feel comfortable with, someone who you feel you can talk to  and who will listen to exactly what you would like. Be open to hearing their advice, but the most important thing is that you feel like you at the end of it-don’t get swayed by their judgement, you know you best!
  • Clothing and hair: Wear a top a similar shade to your dress at your trial or when you practice your makeup. Also when you’re looking at your trial make up, hold your hair in a similar way to how it will be styled on the day. Whether your hair is slicked back or softly framing your face has a huge impact on how your makeup looks.
  • Doubts: If there is any hesitation when you look in the mirror at the makeup, make sure you voice it and get it tweaked until it’s perfect, your makeup artist should be happy to work with the look so you just feel incredible.
  • Do I need heavy makeup?: Ignore the old wives tale of “you need more makeup for the photos”, there is nothing worse than caked  on makeup. You have to remember the people are not only seeing you through a lens but you spend most of your day face-to-face with people, if the make up is applied well it will look perfect in all situations
  • Primer: Use a primer for a long lasting flawless base.
  • Highlighter: Highlight the  high-points of your face, cheekbones, brow bones and collarbones so you are camera ready, you look radiant from morning til night.
  • Brows: Define your brows to structure your face. Even if you don’t usually do anything to your brows, the softest bit of definition makes all the difference. It’s a must have for any make-up artist!
  • Blusher: Use a hint of blusher to lift the complexion, even if you’re always a bronzer a girl, trust me it makes all the difference!
  • Waterproof: Use long-lasting and waterproof products. The last thing you want is make up melting away or running down your cheeks!
  • Lashes and tans: If you’re considering lashes or fake tan for the big day, make sure you have a trial run up to 8 weeks before the wedding day.
  • Lastly, my most important tip for the wedding morning is, take a deep breath, and think calm. You will look amazing. Just enjoy every moment.

Please feel free to follow the link below to some of my beautiful brides who I’ve been lucky enough to do the make up for. It’s great to look at other peoples weddings to get some inspiration for your own wedding ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact me for the make up for your big day, I would love to help and offer any advice I can for you! Jo xxx