I have known Adithio for over 12 years now and he is an incredible human with a inspiring love for telling a story. Check out his guest blog below for more information on Wedding Videography and why it is so important…

Wedding Videography

Do you know those moments? Where your eyes glisten when you see her walking down the aisle for the first time? Or when you first hold on to him so tightly with your favorite song playing in the background? Reliving those memories, even sharing them with your friends and family, are what keeps those moments alive.  

Adithio and I shot Lynsey & Craig’s Wedding day together

I’m lucky enough to be documenting these moments, be it a smile, a tear, or a giggle. I’m even more lucky to be documenting them alongside the love of my life, Adita. Both of us fell into making wedding films, funnily enough, after editing the film of our very own wedding in Bali. Due to this we have a greater understanding and empathy towards your wedding films because we have been there, we know the good times and we know the hard times of a wedding day. This gives us an advantage of how we capture those special moments for you, whilst almost being invisible when recording.

Wedding videos are a strange one for happy couples because it’s probably the last thing most of them would even think of having. Yes, you have your photographers, florists, band or DJ, a wedding video would sometimes be the last thing because of the expense that you would have to fork out. On our wedding day, having a video of our day was the first thing on our minds, as some of our family members and friends were not able to come to our wedding. To show them a film of our special day, the smile on their faces makes it worth it and best of all, sitting with them and replaying those moments, again and again, is a blessing.

Zoe is one of my closest friends, I’ve known her for quite some time and to be able to work with her is an absolute pleasure (and less stress during the wedding planning). For me, let’s just say that I am a lucky man to be working with my wife and my dear friend.