This is the kind of work that makes my heart really sing. Pure joy, family love and connection. My work has always been about the connection between family or couples but recently I really feel it in it’s most organic form. I strive to document your life in a few hours allowing the magic to unfold before my very eyes. The best shoots happen when a family is relaxed and has put all of their trust in me. If you trust me I will capture what makes your family tick!

I have photographed the Leonoda’s for years now and this session marked their baby boys first birthday. When chatting a few days before the session I asked Mummy what he liked doing and she said told me how much he loves the water. We decided that if everything worked out we would run a bath for him, this single handedly made the session, it took the emphasis away from the photographs and gave everyone another focus. The pre-bath cuddles and fun on the bed, then the post bath nudey babies playing chase and hide and seek with Mummy & Daddy felt so natural. I felt like a fly on the wall capturing real life with so much invested in those moments.

In years to come these are the shots that will spark the memories of that day. A shot of a family looking at the camera isn’t what I look for. It will of course be a lovely photograph but it doesn’t give anywhere near the level of emotion I am looking for in my shoots. The look of love between you and your child is what really sparks infectious joy.

Zoe x

“Zoe has captured all of my family’s most significant milestones from my Wedding party to my newborn babies and their first birthdays, and she always does an amazing job. This particular shoot was so much fun, especially because we were in our own home and the kids were surrounded by their favourite toys. These are not the kind of photos we could have taken ourselves-they are really special and we will cherish them in years to come. Thank you Zoe xxx”