It’s Spring! The winter coat in venturing out less and we finally don’t have to wear so many layers! The warmth of the sun at this time of year is just wonderful and I cannot wait to spend more time outside, it’s at this time of year that you realise just how much it feeds the soul!

My Mini Bluebells sessions are coming up on 27th April and I decided to write this blog in order to help my families for when they are deciding what to wear.

The usual no go’s still apply. Large patterns and logos are really distracting so I would stay well away. The first thing you want to catch your eye when looking at your photographs is the emotion, love and connection between your children and family and big patterns steer the eye away from this.

You really have two options when choosing what to wear for the bluebells. Pastel colours work well and are classic and clean. The colours of the bluebells will then pop and you will be light and bright drawing the image in. The second option would be the brights; orange, fuschia pinks, reds, these are all complimentary colours to purple and green and look amazing.

The colours at the top and below are all options for your session but if its not exact its not a problem. The one thing I want is for you to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in what you are wearing so we can create the most natural photographs of you and your family.

I am excited to be visiting a new bluebell spot this year and I look forward to meeting some of you there!

Zoe x