I hope you have enjoyed looking through my galleries and the images have made you even more excited for the arrival of your baby. I have found a real love in Newborn photography, the sessions make my heart burst every time and so I hope that one of my sessions will suit you as you embark on life as a new or growing family. 


Fresh 48- Capturing a few hours in the first few days of your babies life

Do you want to document the first moments of your baby earth side but you’re not sure if you want to have a photographer at your birth?

Once baby is born I will come to the hospital or to your home and document 2-hours of your new life as a family (or growing family). Completely natural,  capturing feeding, changing, settling, tears of joy and introducing your baby to their big brothers or sisters. This is such an exciting time in your life and I would love to have the opportunity to capture it for you.


To book all I need is your due date!

With your session you will be sent a password protected gallery of your images to share with family and friends. A USB of all of your fully edited photographs from your session, (typically 70-100). 

I really hope to hear from you and to capture the best moment in your life.




Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Natural, no posing beanbag, all about you… 

Shoot length: 2-hours 

New for 2019 this session focuses on your bond as a new family and getting to know your baby. I will capture baby feeding, settling with you in your arms along with all of their tiny little details and early expressions. The lifestyle newborn session really focuses on your love and connection in the early days with your baby, capturing those memories without disturbing little one too much.

The session is calm, allowing you to hold and cuddle your baby. Being near you allows little one to hear your very familiar heartbeat which along with your warmth comforts them in these early beginnings and adjustments to the world.

The best time to book your session is between 25-38 weeks of your pregnancy and the best time to aim for is in the first few weeks when everything is new and you have those early bonding days. 

With your session you will be sent a password protected gallery of your images to share with family and friends. A USB of all of your fully edited photographs from your session, (typically 70-100) as well as a special gift from Hia Baby

I really hope to hear from you and I would love to play a small part in remembering those early days and new life as a family.




Maternity Session

If you are reading this then I am presuming you are growing a little miracle, so a huge Congratulations! Maternity photography sessions followed by Newborn photography sessions make my heart sing; There is nothing more magical than your body growing a little human and isn’t it just mad that it all happens while you carry on your life as normal (Well as normal as you can). The female body is so powerful and it still amazes me when I look at my not so baby, boy that we made him and all his loveable features!


You have my permission to spoil yourself and celebrate this little life inside of you. When baby arrives and your bump goes away it is hard to imagine just how big your bump was and how amazing you looked – even if you don’t feel it! Forget the swollen ankles, SPD, back ache or stretch marks, you are a strong, courageous woman, looking incredible while creating life. Years later the images you create will be lovingly adored by those little hands you held so tightly.


My maternity sessions are taken in the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice. I will discuss with you the kind of images you like and we will work together to create beautiful photographs for you to look back on your pregnancy.

With your session you will receive a USB of all of your fully edited photographs from your session, (typically around 60). 




Birth Photography

In April 2019 I captured my first birth and fell in love. If you are interested in having your birth captured please contact me for more information. Prices start at £750

What’s included:

  • A pre-birth chat to discuss your Birth wishes and plans
  • On call for you 24/7 from 38 weeks until your baby arrives
  • Coverage from active labour to 2-3 hours after babies arrival capturing all the magical moment as they unfold.
  • All digital photographs from your birth (amount dependant on labour length)
  • 5 minute birth story slideshow to music within 2 days.


I’ve got the birth bug and I cannot wait to capture another wonderful birth story, I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in having your birth captured!

Zoe x