Maternity Photography

Maternity photography sessions are so beautiful, a chance for you and your partner to celebrate your growing bump before your gorgeous new arrival. You are carrying a miracle, I remember to this day exactly how I felt seeing our baby boy in our early 7 week scan, a tiny heart beat, a flicker on the screen and from that moment onwards he became the love of our life. This love only grows every single day; the perfect home you have created and your gorgeous bump can be captured for you and your baby to see in years to come. You may be struggling to see your feet, have swollen ankles or feel like a giant but amongst all this is huge excitement and bursting love. This is what I want to capture when I see you.

Your maternity session can be in the comfort of your own home using warm natural light or at one of your favourite places.


“I adore the calm, chilled vibes that a newborn session brings with the oozing love of new parents. It melts my heart every time!”

Newborn Photography


First of all, Congratulations! If you are reading this I presuming you’re either expecting you’re baby in the next few months or your little bundle has arrived safely into your arms. Newborn photography is so special; having the opportunity to capture your baby and their tiny features for you within the first weeks of their life is truly magical.

From the moment you set eyes on your baby and they squeeze your little finger a love like no other rushes through your body. This love and emotion is what I capture in your first images. Those little eyes not fully open yet trying to work out the world around them, those knees and arms all cuddled in like they were in your tummy. This time is so precious, so as well as photographing your new baby I also love to capture Mummy and Daddy cuddles as well as special moments with siblings.

The ideal time for your newborn photography session is between 5-10 days new. Outside of this time is still OK but just be mindful that you may not get those sleepy curled up shots. Your baby between this time should be super sleepy however they also have days of cluster feeding; Babies don’t work to our schedule so I will be with you as long as it takes to capture everything we can even if it means coming back on another day.

For your newborn baby photography session I can come to you so you don’t have to leave the house. I have two options for the set-up, if your bed frame allows I can attach my white blanket backdrops to this or I can bring a frame to pop up in a suitable area of your home. Before the session we will discuss which rooms you think are suitable along with any sentimental items you would like me to include in the session. Read my blog about shoots in your home.