Get Yourself Moving: the benefits of YogaBellies for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time in any woman’s life – whether it is your first pregnancy or fourth, there is nothing like the feeling of those first flutters of baby’s movement or going to the hospital for those awe-inspiring scans. However, whether you are lucky enough to bypass morning sickness, cramps and more encumbering pain such as PGP, undoubtedly every woman will feel discomfort at some point during their pregnancy. The shear strain of growing and carrying a baby, and the loosening of the ligaments through the hormone relaxin, result in a huge amount of pressure being placed on our bodies. It is the easiest thing in the world when you are feeling enormous and can no longer see your feet, or indeed so exhausted in the early stages, to just curl up on the sofa and stay on that sofa. BUT by doing that, you are going to make yourself feel more exhausted, even more stiff, and create more aches and pains. It also won’t help your labour and recovery! Adequate rest is important, more than that, vital, but so is MOVING. Whether you are new to yoga or have years of practice, YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes are gentle and safe for all women. Each class lasts 1hr 15 minutes, and in that time we use traditional yoga postures (asana), adapted and beneficial for pregnancy and the common ailments associated with pregnancy. In class we always warm up the body; practice standing poses to help alignment and increase strength and stamina; practice on all fours to reduce the pull of gravity on internal organs; and practice seated poses to focus on hip opening.

This class ALSO helps you prepare for birth and motherhood and is so much more than just physical stretching. Each week focuses on a different aspect of pregnancy and birth; we have an informal group chat around the topic, learning from each others’ experiences and any expert advice I can offer. YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes also include an especially created combination of self-hypnosis and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and breathing techniques for pregnancy and birth (pranayama.) Finally, there is a focus on connecting with other attendees of the class so you have a readymade network of support when baby arrives – we have active What’s App groups and regular mummy meet-ups. And once you have given birth, you can continue your journey with baby and at YogaBellies for Mum and Baby.

YogaBellies for Pregnancy classes run every Monday night, 19.00-20.15, at Halton Village Hall, booked in blocks of 8 weeks for £89. Come and join the fun and giggles – contact!

Alice also teaches Mum & Baby Yoga in Wendover, I went along to the class last week and it was so lovely. The class was so relaxed, you can feed, settle and play with your baby as and when you need to and the babies loved their stretching yoga. The class is also there as a support group, it starts with each Mum saying what has been good ince the last class and what has been challenging. You could really feel the care and support around the room as everyone shared personal moments from their week. Definitely a class I will go to after baby number two one day 🙂