If I could photograph and cuddle a newborn baby every day I would be one happy lady!

This shoot was organised to show you my set up at home. The first shot shows a super simple set-up using my layers of white blankets and pegs on your bed frame to pull it tight. A breast feeding pillow is used underneath and babies snuggle into it nicely, feeling protected and cosy. I aim to remove as many creases at the time however the stubborn ones are removed in post production. The main focus is to make sure that baby is comfortable and warm; a blanket is placed over your baby initially to keep the warmth in and for settling before starting the shoot.


A spotless house isn’t necessary just enough natural light and the use a bed or sofa for your family photography. You will see as you scroll down even the most unsuspecting spaces become beautiful areas to shoot in. The focus of a 1-2 week newborn session is to capture your beautiful new baby and their tiny features as well as your new family in a relaxed and natural manor. Baby Sebe has a 2 year old sister and so we had to make her photographs a game, climbing into the babies cot, playing hide and seek, pretending to be animals and whispering in babies ear. Sometimes through the chaos that often occurs when you have young siblings it is hard to visualise any shots at all but I can assure you that I won’t leave until there are photographs for you to cherish.


Mummy can always remain close by, sometimes that’s all it takes. A touch from you, a kiss, a shh, a cuddle and baby is happy.

If you would like more information on my newborn photography please see my newborn brochure here.