Your 8 months pregnant and preparing for your new baby to arrive. Why squeeze in a pregnancy session before your due date?

Over the years I have found that a maternity shoot is very marmite, women either love it or hate it! I would like to explain why I love it so much and why I think this time in your life should be captured.


So for the last 8/9 months you have grown a little person inside you, you have by now felt his/ her hiccuping, kicks, jumps, wriggles and turns. Isn’t it incredible that in a few weeks time you will bring your new fully formed baby into the world. You have made the cosy nest your baby calls home and with your love he / she feels safe. This home no matter the size is perfect! Your growing tummy in my eyes should be celebrated, this may be your one and only pregnancy or you might be at number two, three or four each is just as special as the last. You may have stretch marks, you may have swollen ankles but this is all part of the remarkable job you are doing to create a beautiful baby.

Capturing your bump should be comfortable, memorable and sentimental to you both, the photographs below are of my gorgeous neice’s baby bump. Here at 8 months pregnant I think her Mummy looks incredible! We spent a bit of time on a lovely winters day capturing some natural relaxed images of her pregnancy.

You decide how the shoot goes, I don’t ask you to take your clothes off, the line is where you draw it. Before the session we talk about the kind of photographs you like and very often a silhouette is in that list. I will also help you to decide on the clothing to best suit your skin tone and the images we are trying to achieve. Coming to your house means that you are in an environment you feel comfortable in, a place you yourself call home. I can also capture your babies nursery and all the lovely details and effort you have put in to making it special for them.

At your pregnancy session we also have the opportunity to talk about the newborn photographs you would like to capture and sometimes it is really lovely to reshoot some of your pregnancy images but with baby in place of your tummy. I am extremely passionate about telling your story and creating memories for you to cherish as your baby grows. Time flies and babies really do grow so quickly- mine is now a toddler! So it so wonderful to capture newborn babies within the first few weeks of their life.


I hope you enjoy this bump to baby blog

Zoe xxx