Due date: 15th April 2018

Birth date: 25th April 2018

Weight: 8lb5oz

Length of labour (if you can remember): 6hours 42mins (to be precise lol!)

Baby number: 3

How did you feel during pregnancy?

Excited to meet the newest addition! Didn’t really have much time to think about the pregnancy to be honest, too busy running around after the other two.

What were you most looking forward to?

Finding out if we were having a boy or girl. The children meeting their new little sibling!

What did you do to prepare for the birth of your baby?

We moved house…. completely gutted it, new walls built, new floors, kitchen, bathroom….

Your birth story:

On 15th April 2018 we were expecting our third baby and we simply couldn’t wait for that first cuddle! I was hoping that this baby wouldn’t keep us waiting past our due date like the other two, but little did we know she kept us waiting another 10 days. On 25th April 2018 (after a relatively quick labour), our family of five was complete.

The beginning of my labour threw me a little as the start of my other two had started with my waters breaking. I went to bed at midnight with a few aches but didn’t really think much of it and was just trying to sleep through them. At 2 o’clock I woke up my husband and told him I thought I was in labour with contractions coming every 5 minutes. I got up and started to get my bits and bobs together when my son woke up after wetting the bed (trust this to be the night this happened after having had 6 months of dry nights). So there I was in labour, stripping and making a bed while my husband showered our son at 2am. I called the hospital and they asked me to come in. My mum arrived to babysit the kids and off we went to Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and they were filling the birthing pool for me, I couldn’t wait to get in. I was lucky enough to have had two water births previously and I was hoping for a third. I was examined at 6am and told I was only 4cm dilated (which felt a bit disheartening after labouring for 4 hours). Soon the birthing pool was ready and I was allowed to get in. It honestly feels like the best bath you will ever have. The midwives were having bets that I would have had the baby by 10am. I was hoping they were right about the length of time! I remember the midwife asking if I had felt my waters break but I was surrounded in water….I don’t know how I was meant to know! They examined me and said my waters had broken so that should speed things along. Next I know I can feel immense pressure and the urge to start pushing. The midwife gave me the green light and at 8:42am we welcomed our baby girl, Aubrey Raine O’Hara weighing 8lb5oz who was born in her sac as my waters hadn’t ruptured. This was incredible, a real water baby!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have had three water births, all with no complications. With every birth the length of time over my due date has got longer, my labour time has got shorter, the size of my babies have got smaller and my heart has got fuller!

Now our baby girl almost 10 months old and is loving life at home with her big brother and sister and we couldn’t feel more complete.

How did you feel at the first sight of your baby?

So excited it was a girl! I had a feeling it would be!

What 3 pieces of advice would you give your pregnant self now?

Sleep/Rest when you can – everyone says it but I couldn’t agree more.
Don’t let housework worry you! No one is going to judge you for having a washing basket overflowing or washing up stacked in the sink!
Enjoy time for yourself now because your life will never be the same again (in a good way of course!)

How was that first week for you?

A bit of a sleep deprived blur but baby fit right in. I couldn’t wait to get out and about but it was mainly spent at home having visitors come round for lots of cups of teas and cuddles (the baby not me!)