Hey, I’m Zoe,

Thank you so much for checking out my site and congratulations if you’re planning a wedding or welcoming a new little person into the world. I hope you enjoy looking through my galleries and can see just how much I will love capturing your treasured memories.

I am Mummy to my two boys.

Photography is so important, it has become so special to me because it’s the window to the past. When you look at a photo it has an incredible way of conjuring up the exact emotions, feelings and even smells you had at the time the photo was taken, conjuring up a vivid memory.

I am so lucky to have been able to get those special front row seats to so many magical moments during my last 10 years as a photographer. I have seen nearly 100 couples tie the knot and I have lost count of the incredible families I have photographed. Every single shoot is different as every family has a unique story for me to tell.

The love and raw emotion displayed by my clients are what drive and inspire me to capture those special moments. I’m afraid I wear my heart on my sleeve, but it drives me to do anything possible to ensure that you have the best experience and photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

So if you want a wedding photographer who will truly capture the most precious memories of your day, I hope you will get in touch.

If you are looking for a family portrait photographer who will put you at ease, why not have a browse of my family photography gallery for some inspiration?

If you are lucky enough to have recently welcomed a new member to your family, I also offer newborn photography sessions – these are a fabulous way to capture those early weeks that pass by so quickly.

If you have already booked a session, or like to plan ahead, make sure you read my blog ‘What to wear for my shoot‘ for some helpful tips.